Verifone’s RPM (Retail Polling Module) is a high performance file transfer system for automated information delivery to address polling and software distribution needs for merchants.  The suite includes the following solutions:


Merchants often require regular transfer of data and records through a defined period of time dynamically or periodically.  Verifone’s polling solution gives merchants the ability to define the parameters for when, and where this data is collected and allows the merchant the ability to determine parameters when store-level data is collected and which is stored.


Price Look-Up distribution solutions use merchant SKU numbers to identify various products within a merchant’s inventory. These solutions allow merchants to update product information from master data to and from the corporate office systems to each and every store.  This typically involves sending department, item, promotion, and price files to store systems.


The collection and transmission of store sales data from the POS and ISP’s back to head office.


Store update solutions allow corporate to store level management communication of new product details, price updates, credit notes, and gift voucher redemption information, and allows the head office to access store level transaction information on an ongoing basis.


Trickle refers to solutions that allow retailers to send store sales data throughout the day to the head office systems so that the corporate offices can get up to the minute sales and inventory information.