Verifone’s Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) is a suite of corporate level electronic payments solutions.  Managed from the head office or higher level branches of an organization, these solutions allow merchants to utilize the following:


Configuration management allows you to centrally manage forms, device inventory, firmware updates, store profiles and can include the ability to track and report on payment application and PED status.


This type of application or service detects and identifies suspicious patterns among a collection of payment transactions. Patterns are validated against a defined set of  rules with system generated alerting to abnormal processing activities.


End-to-end encryption and tokenization solutions (also referred to as P2PE) provide merchants the ability to reduce scope of PCI when deployed. Cardholder data is encrypted at swipe (within a secure PIN entry device) and decrypted outside the merchants network reducing risk of data exposure. When combined with tokenization, merchants are relieved with the need to store card holder data.


Reconciliation processing provides a merchant with the ability to automatically balance and report on settled or cleared electronic payments against transactions that have been confirmed as funded by the acquirer or processor.


Provides a merchant the ability to manage funding of electronic payments completed in store, e-commerce, or the call center. Credit authorizations to cardholder accounts are batched daily and securely shipped to the acquirer or processor for merchant funding.


A transaction switch provides a merchant with the ability to securely accept and process individual card and transaction types to one or several financial institutions for authorization. Our solution can become the hub for all of your payment processing needs in a multi-channel retail environment where electronic payments are accepted from various sales channels including store, e-commerce, and call center. Implementing a transaction switch allows users to manage electronic payments centrally, by providing real time visibility to the payment processing ecosystem.