Verifone EMV Articles May 2016

Verifone EMV Articles May 2016

Blueprint: Evolving Security for Evolving Threats in Payments | By: Converge! Network Digest
The Internet of Things (IoT) fuels the need to advance cyber security to protect your consumer’s sensitive data and your business’ reputation. Employing future proof solutions and a secure payment architecture involves thorough strategic planning. Encryption and tokenization are the latest and greatest technology to mitigate cyber risks.

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Blog: EMV’s True Impact | By: CSP Daily News
Angel Abcede, senior editor at CSP Daily News shares his positive thoughts on the U.S. EMV migration. A small percentage of retailers managed to meet the October 2015 liability shift, however many more merchants are now rolling out EMV in their brick-and-mortar locations. Valuable learnings have been unearthed during Phase 1, requiring retailers to allocate time and resources to achieve EMV. How can fuel retailers apply these learnings to Phase 2 of the U.S. EMV migration for a smoother transition?


The Future of Biometrics: Q&A with MurphoTrust USA CEO Robert Eckel | By:
Biometric technology is more commonplace in today’s society with daily consumers. For one, smartphone users authenticate their identity through fingerprints and facial recognition to unlock their devices. Additionally, iris-technology is being utilized more by tech companies. Robert Eckel predicts the future trends of biometrics, which can potentially alter the future payment acceptance landscape.

Verifone Certifies with First Data to Provide U.S. Gas Stations & Convenience Stores a Fast Path to EMV Acceptance | By: Verifone
Fuel retailers in the  U.S. will experience Phase 2 of the EMV migration as the automated fuel dispensers’ (AFDs) liability shift is scheduled for October 2017. Verifone has certified its payment and commerce solutions for EMV acceptance with First Data, which will expedite the fuel retailer’s ability to deploy in-store EMV payment systems.

Android Pay UK: Google Launches Its Mobile Apple Pay Rival Today | By: Yahoo! Finance
Yesterday marked the launch of Android Pay in the UK, enabling consumers to link their debit and credit card into the payment app. Android phones are the most prominent in the UK, accounting for almost 60% of the total smartphone market. Transactions under £30 do not require Android Pay to be open, allowing for quicker checkout times. Android Pay has a staggering 1.5 million new registrants currently each month in the U.S., according to Google.

High-Potential Retail Beacon Technology Requires Patience and Planning | By: Samsung
Beacon technology is currently being tested and implemented by retailers across the world. It can assist in providing a more personalized service and increased customer engagement. Beacons can be utilized to send push notifications to draw shoppers into the retail shops through flash sales. As this technology is fairly new in the payment space, retailers must thoughtfully devise a plan. Let’s take a step back and understand how this technology can be installed in your retail stores.

For more information about beacons, read our post on Beacons and Baking.

Payments Innovation What’s In-store | By: Finextra
Will QR codes replace the antiquated barcode, the black and white bars that consumers are used to? Some retailers are currently playing with this technology to mix into their operations. QR codes can be incorporated not only in payments but also can become a source of data for consumers. This opens up the possibility for a more harmonious relationship between retailers and consumers.

Contactless Payments Tripled in the Last Year to 3 Billion | By: Information Age
The contactless usage stats recently released by Visa Europe reveals a significant increase in adoption. Comparing last month’s record of 360 million transactions to143 million from April 2015.  Can this increase be attributed to mobile wallets? Find out which industries benefitted the most from the adoption of contactless payments.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Enables EMV at the Pump | By: NACS
Through a partnership with Verifone, Gilbarco Veeder-Root jointly developed FlexPay IV, a card reader in dispenser (CRIND), enabling fuel retailers to accept EMV payments at the pump. FlexPay IV also supports a multitude of technologies including NFC and 2D barcode scanning.

Online Merchants Are Beating Fraud, But the Gains Are Costly, CyberSource Study Reveals | By: Digital Transactions
Recent study unearthed a decrease in card-not-present fraud due to proactive fraud solutions employed by retailers. Additional measures such as manually reviewing suspicious transactions, which require ancillary resources, play a significant role in 46% of survey respondent’s fraud-management budget.  

EMV & Skimming Are Technology’s Two Greatest Challenges | By: Convenience Store News
The petroleum industry is estimating a $4-billion spend on upgrading and replacing existing automated fuel dispensers (AFD). Conexxus data reveals there are roughly 721,000 AFDs in the U.S. that need to be EMV-compliant by October 2017, 40% of which needs to be replaced with new hardware. Skimming at the pump continues to plague the c-store retailers. New technology advancements can assist in battling this issue.

PCI DSS 3.2: What’s New? | By: PCI SSC
Last week, the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) released the new PCI DSS 3.2 requirements. This update is part of PCI’s standard initiatives to address current challenges and threats from cyberattacks. Multi-factor authentication will be required to access sensitive data. A resource guide can be found at the end of the linked article.