Verifone EMV Articles February 2016

Verifone EMV Articles February 2016

5 Ways to Secure Data When Others Handle It |  By: Angel Abcede from CSP
In the world of big data, retailers need to be mindful of the flow and storage of data that is associated with their organization. As most loyalty programs are handled by third-party partners or vendors, merchants must ask the right questions, to gain a better understanding of how their customer data is collected, stored, and secured.  

Samsung Pay’s Volume Hits Half-Billion DollarsBy:
The wallets keep gaining momentum, Samsung Pay has about 5 million registered users to date. Additionally since its release, they have processed over $500 million in transaction dollars. The next countries to launch Samsung Pay will be China, Australia, Brazil, England, and list goes on.

Visa Extends Secure Payments to the Automotive Industry | By: Visa Inc. and Honda
Visa Inc. has teamed up with Honda to offer new innovative solutions that provides convenience and simplicity for consumers. These concept apps are being showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Will in-car payments be the future of payments? Imagine paying for parking without stepping out of your car or removing your wallet from your pocket or purse. 

Encryption, EMV, and Biometrics: New Superheroes of Payments Fraud  | By: Lou Grilli at CSCU
As technology continues to propel forward, security measures are added into the payment environment to mitigate fraud. The chip on the new EMV card stores the card PAN (card data in the clear) and additional anti-counterfeit data including a dynamic CVV. Some in-app mobile payments have an added layer of security; where the payment will only process upon successful completion of a finger scan, done directly on your phone.  

Loyalty, Payment Connection Heats Up | By: Angel Abcede at CSP
Now that mobile payments has gained momentum, merchants are looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Some retailers are teaming up with card brands to launch an in-app payment integration with their loyalty program or launching their own applications. Truthfully, consumers are more inclined to buy into the notion of mobile payments. Are you thinking of ways to leverage this payment platform?

National Retail Federation Pins Hopes on Record Valentine’s Day Spending | By: Michael Essany
This year the anticipated average spend for Valentine’s Day is $146.84 for flowers, jewellery, candy, apparel, and more, up by $4.53 from last year. Total expenditure is expected to surpass $19.5 billion. The low prices of oil has contributed to consumer spending confidence. Keep reading the article to find out key shopping trends for the very first consumer holiday of 2016.


U.S. EMV Activity Rising Steadily | By: Payments Cards and Mobile
The adoption of EMV in the U.S. continues to rise, with over 75% of all consumer credit cards officially issued with the new chip cards, by the end of 2015. The large national chains are pioneering this move in the U.S., switching over to EMV-enabled payment devices and POS systems.

EMV Handbook | By: Verifone
This 26-page document holds pertinent information regarding EMV, discussing the sheer benefits of implementing the solution into your payment environment. This answers all the misconceptions about the forward chip technology. Initially implemented and used in Europe, this technology has been proven to reduce card-present fraud and avoidance of financial repercussions. Ultimately EMV builds a future-proof payment acceptance infrastructure that is capable of supporting new innovations and technologies.

SmartMetric Launches a Fingerprint Activated EMV Chip Card | By: Biometrics Research Group, Inc.
 A new form of technology will be presented at the upcoming Smart Cart Payments Summit. SmartMetric, Inc. will be unveiling a fully functional fingerprint reader inside an EMV card. The card user will roll their finger over the thin sensor on the card, once authenticated, the card will be active for usage.

Post EMV, Retailers Can’t Sleep on Fraud, Convenience | By: Steve Platt from Experian
In a payment environment, additional layers of security mitigates the risk for fraud. EMV is just one of the steps needed to be taken in order to achieve this. It is essential for your in-store transactions, to become safer and more secure, thus, creating a plan to mitigate card not present (CNP) fraud will be critical for merchants.

Mobile Payments: What Does 2016 Have In Store? | By: Melissa Anders of Retail Dive
The talk about digital wallets and in-app payment have been the center topics of discussion in the payments industry. We can all admit that Starbucks has successfully launched and pioneered the in-app payment, accounting for well over 20% of their in-store purchases. Ultimately, mobile payments provide convenience and ease to consumers, something they are longing for.

Getting Groceries Faster with SPAR UK | By: Laurel Wolfe of Verifone
SPAR UK is one of UK’s leading supermarkets, they were heavily vested in implementing a cost-effective solution with a centralized estate management and analytics capabilities. Find out how partnering with Verifone assisted in achieving this goal and more.