AJB EMV Articles Dec 2015

AJB EMV Articles Dec 2015

Top 5 Technology Stories of 2015 | By: Angel Abcede, Convenience Store and Fuel News
This article summarizes the top 5 technology stories pertinent to the convenience retail industry from the EMV liability shift in the C-Stores to the release of Samsung Pay to driverless cars. Will these be the future vehicles on the road? With the breakthroughs in 2015, how will 2016 steer the future of the industry.

2015 in Review, Part 1: The Pays, Tokenization, IoT | By: Will Hernandez, Mobile Payments Today
2015 was a terrific year for payments; it fueled a lot of advancements in the industry and tested consumer receptiveness to new technologies. Mobile wallets sprung in every direction, and truthfully speaking this technology brings convenience to the consumers, something we can all be appreciative of. In addition to the mobile wallets or contactless payments, technology companies have released various forms of wearables, we’re sure we’ll see more of these in 2016 and the years to come.

Charting a Path for a Successful Phase 2 EMV Conversion | By: Joe O’Brien, Source North America Corporation
A couple of months after the October 2015 liability shift, fuel marketers can take a step back and analyze the series of events that took place to successfully deploy EMV in their C-Stores and devise a plan to execute the 2017 forecourt deadline. Historically, countries who have implemented EMV have witnessed a decrease in card-present fraudulent transactions. This change can be attributed to the microchip, which provides a more secure form of authentication. 

Why Retailers Must Be Leaders in EMV Chip Card Adoption | By: Stax Inc. – edited by Fierce Retail
As the U.S. consumers get accustomed to the unfamiliar EMV chip card, the first few times using their new plastics might be tricky. They will need to be retrained to dip their card into the PIN pad rather than swiping it. Unfortunately for these consumers, the new chip cards do not come with instructions. So who has the onus of informing and training the consumers how to use their new, more secure, EMV chip cards?

Gilbarco Passport Received First U.S. EMV Certification for Credit and Debit Transactions in Petroleum Retail | By: Gilbarco Veeder-Root
As the EMV wheel continues to spin and accelerate in the U.S., Gilbarco is extremely pleased to announce that their Passport POS is the first petroleum POS solution to be certified to accept EMV credit and debit transactions. The liability shift for C-Stores has already elapsed this past October but the forecourt systems have until October 2017. As a petroleum marketer, have you already engaged with AJB about your 2017 EMV options?

Moneris’ UX Unattended Payment Solution wins “Canadian Payments Benefitting Merchants” Award | By: International Business Times
Our partner, Moneris Solutions Corporation (Moneris) was recognized by Advanced Card Technologies (ACT) Canada last month for their UX Unattended Payment Solution, deployed with Verifone’s EMV-compliant hardware products of unattended payment devices. Moneris is one of North America’s largest processors of debit, credits, wireless, and online payments.

EMV and NFC: Complementary Technologies Enabling Secure Contactless Payments | By: Smart Card Alliance
Smart Card Alliance has published a white paper illustrating EMV and NFC as companion technologies. They best described NFC as a communication technology that enables contactless EMV. As the craze and adoption of mobile payments continue to rise, it’s prudent for merchants to understand the importance of this technology and how it will affect their day-to-day operations.

AJB Deliver U.S. EMV Certifications | By: AJB Software
AJB has completed 7 U.S. EMV Class B Host Certifications to date with American Express, ChasePaymentech, First Data and Vantiv. To view the complete list of certification status along with AJB’s completed U.S. EMV Terminal Certifications please click here.

EMV: What Now? | By: Convenience Store News
The petroleum marketers’ financial commitment to equip C-Stores with EMV-compliant hardware and software is significantly less than upgrading their forecourt terminals. EMV combats fraudulent card-present transactions, however to increase the security measures merchants can integrate tokenization and P2PE for added security.