AJB EMV Articles Nov 2015

AJB EMV Articles Nov 2015

Are Chip-and-PIN Cards Worth It? Cost-Benefit Analysis of EMV Compliance | By: Intuit
After migrating to EMV the U.K. experienced a decrease in credit card fraud by 72% and as well as a decrease of 50% in Canada. Those are staggering numbers!

Not convinced? Here are the key benefits of EMV Migration:

  • Secure, payment acceptance for local and travelling consumers
  • Decrease in counterfeit credit card fraud
  • Merchants will avoid fraud chargebacks

Three Questions to Ask About EMV Compliance for C-Stores | By: Patriot Capital Corporation
The cost associated for each new EMV-enabled AFD system can range from $6,000 to $10,000, that is a huge financial commitment from fuel marketers. However, you should know that according to Conexxus, fuel retailers lost more than $250 million to credit card fraud in 2014 alone. With the October 2017 liability shift for AFD, what steps should you be taking now?

4 Reasons Merchants Should Make the Switch to EMV Now | By: American Express
Fraud remains to be a number one concern haunting merchants and consumers today. The technology instilled in the EMV cards makes it virtually impossible for fraudsters to replicate these credit cards. These cards offer a higher level of security due to the embedded microchips in each EMV card. In fact, in 2013 alone, the credit card fraudulent expenditure rose to $11 billion in the U.S. alone.

EMV, Petro and Convenience: What you need to know | By: Heartland Payment Systems
The liability shift for C-Stores has already elapsed but the fuel marketers are still faced with the October 2017 deadline for their Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFD) to accept EMV cards. This document summarizes the potential benefits of implementing an EMV solution. Talk to us about how you can start the EMV switchover.

Fast, Brilliant, Secure: Digital Wallets Deliver on Their Promise | By: CO-OP Financial Services
Since the release of Apple Pay, we have seen an increase in the acceptance of digital wallets and contactless payment. This integral feature is highly appealing due to its convenience and secure features; by replacing the card data with tokens, this eliminates the vulnerability of consumer’s card data exposure. Are your stores equipped to accept contactless payments? Click the link to read more…

7 Essential Facts About EMV | By: SIMPLE
Still uncertain about EMV? Here are seven facts that will help you to understand EMV. The chip embedded on each card makes it impossible to duplicate them, therefore decreasing card-present fraud.

Retailers in for a Very Digital Holiday Season, According to NRF Survey | BY: NRF
There is an imminent rise in holiday spend this year and a recent survey conducted by NRF suggests an expected increase in online activity. The survey found that the average consumer will conduct 46 percent of their shopping online (both browsing and buying) this holiday season.

Chip & Choice: The U.S. EMV Story So Far | By: My PIN Pad
With just over a month since the liability shift date, some retailers are already favouring the implementation of Chip and PIN. By instituting this protocol, this in turn will enable more secure transactions with 2-factor authentication, the consumer’s EMV card and PIN.